Hi, I’m Vidya. A Corporate Trainer, Mentor and Spiritual Coach.

My Message

Corporates and Start-ups are always in the business of people, no matter the industry. I help with the process of connecting to their most valuable asset i.e. employees for greater organizational impact and profits.

Business + Humans + Work + Life

Personal development and business strategy are the same

Successful people do what unsuccessful people are simply unwilling to do.


As Founder of Xpiritual Way (The Spiritual Way), I have developed workshops and programs that have transformed the lives of men and women.


I help business owners, entrepreneurs and amazing people such as yourself achieve, manifest and experience what you are capable of in life and work


Being spiritual, as an entrepreneur helps to promote great leadership; every entrepreneur is a leader and how you lead determines the level of progress of your business.


Unlike usual management workshops and off-sites, spiritual courses work holistically on mind, body and spirit and have a longer lasting effect

Regular HR off-sites where people feel motivated for that limited time, spiritual courses create lifelong inspiration.

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